How we do it

Food Ladder is committed to leading the implementation of innovative and sustainable technologies to in-need communities and works exclusively with a host of world-class, tailored and proven products to do so.

Food Ladder’s food security solutions integrate¬†a series of innovative, environmentally controlled growing systems which have been designed to mitigate the very specific and volatile weather variants which are being further exacerbated with the impacts of climate change.

As a result, Food Ladder systems have been designed with a galvanized steel structure resistant to cyclonic winds and a polycarbonate encapsulating shield which boasts a 10-year warranty to provide long term quality assurance.

In order to ensure optimal ambient temperatures inside, the integrated cooling systems are capable of 60 complete air changes per hour.

Furthermore, much of the technology is automated, mitigating the need for constant human surveillance and protecting valuable crops against sharp and unprecedented weather changes.

Similarly, automatic nutrient dosing combined with a PC interface and communication module means potential risks can be identified by the team remotely and diagnosed before they develop into problems that risk production output.

Food Ladder also hosts a variety of styles of growing systems including innovative vertical towers, specifically designed for high value herbs such as coriander.

Solar panels with battery storage power, coupled with water treatment technologies, means Food Ladder systems are able to operate in the most isolated, arid and inhospitable places on earth.