Education from
the ground up

Students and Green house

Food Ladder grew from a kernel of an idea by founders Alex Shead and Kelly McJannett.

Alex was determined to use business to create social change. As a social change specialist, Kelly saw kids struggling to concentrate in class because they were hungry and understood the macro impact of food security. By joining forces, they found a way to combine agricultural technology and teaching systems to create lasting social change.

From the first greenhouse installation, both realised this was a powerful way to reframe food choices for the next generation.

Now, Food Ladder is actively changing minds in every Australian state and territory. Some projects are similar to that first greenhouse. Others use state-of-the-art hydroponics without soil. We even have programs which uses traditional ‘in ground’ planting.

Food Ladder’s recent growth is impressive. But, to us, it’s just the first green shoots.

Food Ladder Projects Changing the way asutralia eats
Food Ladder Student

Our Beliefs

Food Ladder Beliefs vegetable icon
We provide
the building
blocks to
access fresh

By growing food
locally, we help address affordability, quality
and availability issues.

Food LAdder Beliefs Icon Shield
We create
a safe space
for children
and teachers

Our projects are structured, pre-planned and educational, sparking joy in students and offering support and
relief to teachers.

Food LAdder Beliefs Icon idea
We teach
life skills

Our solution enables students to pursue careers in STEM and agriculture.

Food Ladder Beliefs Icon idea
We inspire change

We have generational impact, ensuring healthier future Australian populations.

Food Ladder Students picking vegetables
Food Ladder Vegetable harvest

Our Values

Food Ladder Values Icon 1

We are tech agnostic,
with our solution originating from the application of technology in a unique way, never done before.

Food Ladder Values Icon

We bring joy through transformative

Food Ladder Values Icon 3

We educate kids on
how to produce, prepare
and preserve crops, empowering them
to make healthy food choices.

Food Ladder Values Icon 4

Community and morality
is at the heart of everything we do. We encourage teachers, kids, and community members to get involved and get excited.

Food Ladder Students working on greenhouse project
Food Ladder Green house plant harvest

Growing at schools near you

Schools are the heart of Food Ladder. Without them, children would continue misunderstanding food. On this interactive map you can see schools currently using a Food Ladder system (the green pins) plus our planned locations (the blue pins). To view details simply click on the pin.

Food Ladder Map of Supporting Schools