Food Ladder provides custom-designed hydroponic greenhouses and specialised training to empower communities to grow their own food, improve their nutrition and establish their own social enterprise.

With the ability to be implemented virtually anywhere in the world, Food Ladder creates an environment in which food production is enhanced; from the isolated hinterlands of Bhutan to the most remote parts of the Northern Territory, Australia.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we do not own any assets, rather each Food Ladder system is owned, governed and run by

the local community – with full support and guidance from the Food Ladder team. To ensure strong community collaboration we work with on-ground partners including government departments, Australia’s preeminent universities and remote community leaders.

Food Ladder systems not only address food security, but create employment and training opportunities for adults, and education outcomes for children. Benefits also include an increased sense of community pride and achievement, as well as a shift in attitudes around healthy eating.