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Food Ladder Student in the Green House

Growing at schools near you

Schools are the heart of Food Ladder. Without them, children would continue misunderstanding food. On this interactive map you can see schools currently using a Food Ladder system (the green pins) plus our planned locations (the blue pins). To view details simply click on the pin.

Food Ladder Map of Supporting Schools
Leonora District High School, WA (Wangkatja)
Alekarenge School, NT<br />
(Kaytetye country)
Sorell<br />
School, Tas<br />
Kintore Street School, NT. (Jawoyn country)
Wellington Public School, NSW. (Wiradjuri)
Sheffield<br />
School, Tas<br />
Wilmot School, Tasmania (Palawa)
Newling Public School, NSW. (Anaiwan)
Radiant Life College, Queensland. (Mamu)
Nambucca Heads High School, NSW (Gumbaynggirr)
Hilltop Road Public School, NSW (Darug)
Broome Senior High School, WA (Yawuru)
Waterford West State School, Queensland (Yuggerah)
Central Yorke School, SA (Narangga)
St Helens District High School, Tasmania (Palawa)
Cowell Area School, SA (Narangga)
Tyrrell College, Victoria (Wergaia)
Heywood & Districts Secondary College, Victoria (Gunditjmara)
Ungarra Primary School, SA (Nawu)
Coonamble Public School, NSW (Kamilaroi)
Prospect North Primary School, SA (Kaurna)
Murrumburrah High School, NSW (Wiradjuri)
Communities @ Work Galilee School, ACT (Ngambri)
Cunnamulla P-12 State School, Queensland
Barcaldine P-12 State School, Queensland
Longreach State High School, Queensland
Rainbow P-12 College, Victoria (Wergaia)
Oak Flats High School, NSW
Prospect North Primary School, SA (Kaurna)
Boonah State High School, Queensland (Bundjalung)
Stirling North Primary School, SA (Nukunu)
Yorketown Area School, SA (Narangga)
 Port Dalrymple School, Tasmania
School Projects more to come
Food Ladder Student at the Green house
Food Ladder Harvest

Alekarenge School, NT
One of our first school projects, in a remote Northern Territory, Indigenous community.

Wellington Public School, NSW
Students enjoying their first harvest lunch with teachers, and community members.

Urunga School Text Block

Ungarra: Impact beyond the school gate
Before Food Ladder arrived in Ungarra, only 20% of households had a home garden. Now it’s over 90%. Driven by their children, families have embraced newfound knowledge, skills, and passion for growing and cooking. We even saw one young child, Kai, stretch his love of growing into self-education and literacy improvements.

prospect north text block

Prospect North: Wisdom blooms
In the words of a 5-year-old Prospect girl; “We are going to 
grow food, and there will be less rubbish, and it will taste 
better.” She was right. Now she, and her young schoolmates, 
fully understand why food they grow tastes so good and is 
good for them. They know all the environmental and health 
benefits, thanks to the Food Ladder greenhouse.

Broom Text Block

Broome: Reaching new heights
Locally, Broome Senior High School is known as ‘Mamaljan’ 
– a Yawuru word meaning ‘Place of Support’. The school 
proudly supports students across the disability spectrum. 
The addition of Food Ladder has seen students find extra 
solace and inspiration – from the special needs student 
who’s now the pH and EC data superhero, to the autistic 
boy who describes the greenhouse as somewhere he can 
“work independently, which is cool”.

Leonora text block

Leonora: Nurturing Indigenous dreams
In a town, where many Indigenous students are facing challenges 
at home, Food Ladder is helping these kids find a new sense of 
purpose. Produce is used for school lunches. Potted flowers are 
being grown as Mother’s Day gifts. Students are sneaking into the 
greenhouse to steal strawberries. It’s been so successful, the 
school has hosted a number of visitors, helping the students to 
dream big.

Wellington Text Block

Students in Wellington have eagerly embraced everything from 
planting seeds to harvesting fresh produce – including spinach, 
bok choy seeds, and fresh lettuce. The greenhouse has also served 
as a space for culinary exploration. Students cooking fresh and 
sophisticated meals together and set homemade tablecloths for 
their pretend restaurant. Back in the classroom, students stretched 
their language skills describing cherry tomatoes as “spicy”.

Murrumburrah text block

Murrumburrah: A greenhouse champion
At this remote school one particular student, Joe, has
stood tall as a testament to the power of the greenhouse.
With unwavering determination, he embraced his role as
a greenhouse champion. He embraced the opportunity
to learn and grow. The school is now using Joe’s story of 
personal growth to inspire every student.

Food Ladder Projects Changing the way asutralia eats
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Flourishing Educational Outcomes

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Learning from disengaged students, students with learning and behavioural issues

Would you like

to be the next seed?

Getting your school involved in Food Ladder couldn’t be easier. You need just three things:


Access to power and water

A few volunteers to help the initial build

A passion for helping kid make better
food choices.

Click here for more detail on our
greenhouse systems.

Click here to explore Food Ladder opportunities for your school.

Students Planting